My name is Janejira Damron (Sometimes I go by Herschel) I am a Thai-American Autistic author, artist and filmmaker based in the Pacific Northwest. I'm passionate about LGBTQIA+ representation, anime, manga, video games, and all things cute, glittery, and literally fruity. 


In 2019 while I was still in film school, I binge watched a ton of soap making and decoden videos and felt inspired to start my own business and take my business skills exclusively to a few in person events run by my friends. My business did not succeed in the slightest. I made one sale online over the course of two years and only sold my soaps when they were on clearance for $1. I also found out the hard way I was actually allergic to parfums and strongly scented items. The discouragement followed by the height of lockdown made me want to quit the business entirely. Then in 2022 while I was self-islolating with Covid I refined my art style and decided to finally pursue my dream of becoming a vendor at anime conventions. 


In 2022 I finally did my first one day convention in Olympia then graduated to a massive two-day convention. My skills are evolving and I'm trying out new mediums whenever I can. The road to here and now has been rough but absolutely worthwhile and I couldn't have done it without your help :)